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About This Project.

I aim to raise enough money to be able to fund the building of a school in a region where it is vital. There is a critical need for a new school in the impoverished town of Singida in Tanzania. I would like to help the girls of Singida by providing them with a learning environment every girl should have access to.

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Why Girls?

In many developing countries, girls don’t get the privilege to go to school but usually need to help in their own households or farm while the boys are studying. By helping girls from underdeveloped areas get an education, we provide them with the power to make a difference in their communities and the world.

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The Organisation.

This project is organised through the Ursuline Congregation. They have done multiple projects similar to this and have already helped thousands of girls get a brighter future. We have also already done multiple projects with them and can ensure that all the raised money will be used for building the school.

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School4girls On Belgian Radio

Ik was vandaag in het Joe Christmas House om een interview op de radio te doen over mijn school4girls-project. @joe.belgie I was at the Joe Christmas House today to do an interview on the radio about the school4girls project. #school4girls #fundraising #joeradio #joechristmas #christmashouse

December 30, 2023

Land Acquired

We got the land for the school in Singida, Tanzania which was donated by the local community to help us start this project! It is 20 hectares large. But we still need to get rid of some plants. The clearing will be done shortly.

August 27, 2022

About This Project

Building a school in Singida, Tanzania

Amount raised


I believe that everybody has the right to get an education. Globally, a few hundred million girls don’t have access to education. I think that girls’ education is extremely important and can have many short- and long-term implications. By starting with this project, we can not only help the girls of Singida in Tanzania to get an education and a brighter future but also inspire many other people to change their mindsets and help educate girls around the world.

My Aim.

I aim to raise enough money to be able to fund the building of a school in a region where it is vital. In many countries, especially less economically developed countries, there are barriers to girls’ education, one of them simply being that there are no schools. I believe that this should be changed and I would like to contribute to this by building a school in an area where almost no education is available.


Singida is a poverty-stricken village in Tanzania with a severe need for a new school. In Singida, hundreds of girls cannot attend school simply because there is none. Starting a new school here will help many children of Singida to get a brighter future, lead healthy, productive lives, earn higher incomes, strengthen economies and reduce inequality.

Phase 1

I am currently aiming to collect 46,743 euros to be able to fund 3 classrooms.

Phase 2

The next phase is to collect funds to build a bathroom.

Phase 3

The last phase is to build an administration office.

Existing school in Tanzania, Ursuline Congregation.
Existing school in Tanzania, Ursuline Congregation

Cost breakup for building the school

Building plan

Why Girls?

educated Girls turn into strong backbones of the family & society.

I believe that everybody should have equal rights, especially when it comes to the fundamentals of life. Education is most definitely one of them. Considering education, there is globally a huge gender inequality. Generally, the boys go to school because they need to get a job later to financially support their family but girls either only go to school for an insufficient amount of time or don’t get education at all. This is because of various reasons: girls get forced into early marriage, they try to escape from gender violence, traditionally their culture doesn’t let them go to school or takes them out of school earlier. These are just some of the main reasons girls do not have access to education. When girls get educated, the gender gaps close because mostly boys are educated and girls are out of school, working in their household or getting married earlier. However when girls get educated they can also have a chance to contribute to the economy by getting a job. This project will help society become fairer and more equal because gender inequality will reduce. Not only will the world become a fairer place and economies will flourish, the girls themselves will benefit because they are more likely to live healthy, productive lives and are less likely to get married early. They create better futures for themselves and their family, earn greater wages, and take part in choices that most directly impact them. (“Girls’ Education”)

Interview with nursery children

“What is your name and what do you want to become in the future?”

About me

Who am I and why am i doing this Project?

Hello! I am Pia, a 15 year old student in 11th grade. I am doing this project because I believe in equality and would like to help less fortunate children get an education, which I believe is essential and should be a right that every child has. More information about the project and why I am doing it can be found in the project information.

I visited Tanzania and stopped by some schools there. I got to visualise the schools there and realised that there are way more children, more specifically girls, out of school than in school. One reason for this is simply that there are not enough schools to educate all the children. That’s the reason I decided to start this project: to hopefully help educate more children. This realization prompted me to initiate this project in collaboration with the Ursuline Sisters Congregation of Tildonk. Together, we aim to make a positive impact by providing educational opportunities and fostering equality for more children.


Frequently asked questions with answers

Why did you choose to build a school in Singida, Tanzania and not anywhere else?

I visited the area there and identified the need to start a new school because there are way more children out of school than in school. The Ursuline Congregation had set up a project to build a school there and I have been associated with them for a long time. Therefore I can ensure that 100% of the raised money will be utilised towards building the school. But I will try to do more projects like this in other places of the world in the future.

How can I donate money?

You can donate to my fundraiser on gofundme or do a direct bank transfer to the account of Missieprocuur Zusters Ursu. Details: Bank name: KBC bank, IBAN: BE28741013246620, BIC code: KREDBEBB

How can I be sure that my money really goes to building the school?

This project is organised through the Ursuline Congregation. I have been associated with them for a long time and have done multiple similar projects with them. Therefore I can ensure that all the raised money will be used for building the school.

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